Author: Fraser Macdonald

Angels share tasting.

last night saw the first tasting with the Angels. Fittingly for St. Patrick’s ¬†Irish stew and mashed potatoes followed the 13 year old Glendalough. Thereafter the 4 appreciating guests sampled about 20 different malts, many of which are no longer attainable. The made to tailor tasting included ¬†whiskies from glenfiddich, benriach, mortlach, buhnahabain, and numerous

Braon Peat Batch 5

Braon Peat Batch 5 from Islay is well worth a try. During the tastings last Saturday it was an instant favorite. Amongst the many young cask strength islay malts it stands up there with the best. Smokey with depth would be a good description.