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Angels share tasting.

last night saw the first tasting with the Angels. Fittingly for St. Patrick’s  Irish stew and mashed potatoes followed the 13 year old Glendalough. Thereafter the 4 appreciating guests sampled about 20 different malts, many of which are no longer attainable. The made to tailor tasting included  whiskies from glenfiddich, benriach, mortlach, buhnahabain, and numerous

perfect weather for a fine whisky

fine. which whisky is perfect for this weather? something stronger thats peated. stronger because its damp, and coolish. peaty while the body is still slumbering in midwinter. which means: Port Charlotte Heavily Peated 50% any other suggestions?

Braon Peat Batch 5

Braon Peat Batch 5 from Islay is well worth a try. During the tastings last Saturday it was an instant favorite. Amongst the many young cask strength islay malts it stands up there with the best. Smokey with depth would be a good description.    


A small selection of our Whiskies are for sale in the “Fächerei”, Schiffbaustr. 9, Zürich. Get in touch with us directly if you would like to know the know about our range. The shop provides a sales window in the middle of Zurich for a mixed band of small traders like us. The shop is